Now here’s a cool piece of technology. Delta Cloud is trying to create an interface that would allow you to manage Cloud Offerings from different providers, given you have an account. Since the purpose of a “Cloud” is the ability to dynamically grow and shrink to fit your needs, all cloud providers provide a user portal that allow the end-user control over their servers. Having a single interface that allows you to manage your cloud offerings on the big providers would be a big benefit to all involved. New providers have a standard to meet, old providers are forced to continue to compete, and customers have the ability to make educated choices with the same tool they execute them with. Here at Fibernet, we are just now fleshing out the final details on how we want to allow users to manage their products. It’s a perfect time to adopt some of these standards, and I hope it will be as beneficial as it seems it will. If nothing else, it’s given us a target to aim at.