So with school so recently out of the way, working full time has provided a little disposable income. I first splurged on a Wii, and got exactly what I wanted and what I expected. The wife doesn’t seem interested in letting me HomeBrew the Wii and install Linux, so it’ll just sit tight. Tonight, I bought my PS3, with the intent of replacing my Desktop that’s been attached to the TV for over 3 years now. That means I needed to fix Hulu and finalize my Mediatomb installation. I’m 1 for 2 tonight.

The internet is such a wonderful place, full of helpful people. It took all of 15 minutes to have my entire library available to the PS3. Even HD mkv video files work great (except when I’m connected via WiFi….) CentOS 6 has been great in that respect.

Hulu, not so much. It appears I do have Flash installed on my PS3, but Hulu refuses to be nice to me. I found one guy that said it was easy with squid. Lucky for me, I’m already running Squid (plus Dansguardian) on my network, and use iptables to redirect all outbound port 80 traffice through squid/dansguardian. I tried adding the two lines for the access_* parameters, but both are unrecognized by squid 3.1. It looks like I get to delve into some squid documentation tomorrow. For now, it’s time for bed.